Rainbow Team is in our final sprint during July and August, and we need all the help we can get to finish the build. Most of the work requires no special skills or high exertion, so almost anyone can contribute. The quickest way to get connected is to shoot us an email:


Just tell us anything you’re excited about doing (e.g. “I love painting!“) and any special skills you have (e.g. “I can spot weld, although I’m a little rusty.“) We’ll reply and figure out scheduling.

Our workshop is in San Francisco at 1333 Minna Street, a five minute walk from 16th Street BART. We work seven days a week, usually 6 PM to late on weekdays and noon to late on weekends, although folks can contribute as much or as little time as they have available. We provide meals, beverages, and snacks to volunteers, usually delivery from nearby restaurants.

Our two largest remaining tasks are painting wooden panels and installing LEDs. We have 58 large panels with four coats of six colors, and 28,000 LEDs to seat, glue, and wire. Each panel takes roughly the equivalent of one person-day, although we work on them in groups.

Metal work is happening in parallel. That consists of drilling, grinding, attaching weld nuts, and a bit of other welding.