Thank you, everyone! The dust is beginning to settle, we’re combing through the photos and memories and we just wanted to begin thanking each and every person who made the Rainbow Bridge possible. We are truly humbled by the kindness, love, skill, generosity, blood, sweat, and tears that you all provided. This has been and amazing year and we have met so many wonderful and talented folks whom without we could never have done this.Β  We’ve had such an amazing team and volunteers, from the bottom of our hearts, Thank you for bringing this gift of love to the world.


Lead Artist: Josh Zubkoff

Lead LED Artist: Srikanth Guttikonda

Lead Metal Fabricator: Isaac Blackwood

Lead Electrical Engineer: Mingjing Huang

Software: Tracy Scott

Interactivity and LED: Todd Wolfson

Paint Lead: Lindsey Fraser

Engineer Duo: Meghan Navarro and Chet Corcos

Build Team: Jon Dye and Yingie Ou

Director: Cody Smith

Playa Build Manager: Alex Morrison-Rusas

Build Team: Chase Brignac
Engineer with a famous butt

Build Team: Zee

Spokesperson: Brigid Hughes

LED Design: Opal Holley

Engineering: Rbhu